Legno e Corde by Graziano Landoni

I became passionate about guitars making in the spring of 2006, struck by the illustration in a book that showed, in a cross-section, the interior of an acoustic guitar.

My training is completely self-taught, I have studied a lot about American texts: Cumpiano, Kinkade and Sloane were the first reference books; I have observed in depth the photographs of various manufacturers and luthiers; the curiosity, the desire to learn, the conviction of being on the right track have been – and are – of great motivation in my path.

In the Spring of 2013 I created “Legno e Corde” (translated: “Wood and Strings”); a name, for me, very evocative and that contains the essence of the instrument.

The objectives I pursue are two, quality and originality: the instruments I have made so far are all original, designed and made by me, from the first pencil sketch on paper, to the trace on the raw wood, to the final painting and polishing. The commitment and attention that I put into it are always at the highest level, both on the construction of new instruments and on those of others who pass through my laboratory for maintenance, restoration or modification.

Since 2016 I have been a member, as an Italian associate, of the EGB (European Guitar Builders), an association of professionals that aims, among other things, to promote craftsmanship and ensure a product and a service in accordance with best practice.



Via Giacomo Leopardi, 13
22071 Cadorago CO


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